Data Center Solution

Preparing your data center for the future with improved products, network connectivity, and server performance.

With ever-increasing data-intensive applications such as Big Data, cloud computing, video streaming services and mobile broadband Internet connectivity, modern data center (DC) size and complexity is growing at an accelerating rate. Meeting the specific requirements needs a robust infrastructure that is capable of handling high bandwidth data delivery to and from storage endpoints, servers and network switches. And professional structured management solutions are required urgently to enable DC managers and IT engineers deal with hundreds of devices in limited time efficiently.

Asiaertebat data center solutions integrate infrastructure and service solutions, delivering the agility, security, and scalability required to data growth and innovation. It comprises of a broad portfolio of high-quality but cost-effective products that meet the growing needs of modern data centers. And based on your specific environment, Asiaertebat experts can help you find the best solutions for your data center, server room, computer closet, or server racks.

OTN Network Solution

With the explosion of digital traffic and the ever-growing array of bandwidth-hungry applications, the demand of extending the capacity of each wavelength and lowering the cost per bit in the network is required. The WDM has been proved to be the more cost-effective technology.

Wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) technology combines multiple signals onto the same fiber by using different wavelengths (colors), each optical channel can carry any transmission format. There are two types of WDM architectures: CWDM – coarse wavelength division multiplexing, and DWDM – dense wavelength division multiplexing. Each solution has characteristics that suite different environments, networks and user requirements.

Enterprise Network Solution

Optimize enterprise networks in a reliable, cost-effective, and flexible way

Asiaertebat enterprise networking encompasses all the core applications for customer network. From copper structured cabling, interconnect networking, and access layer network solutions to PoE, campus network, wireless network, and video media solutions, which are the mainstream applications of an enterprise network.

Tailoring the most suitable and competitive networks for customers, our solutions begin with needs and end with satisfaction to help you accelerate the innovation and upgrading, reduce cost and complexity, enhance security, facilitate device interoperability, and improve network efficiency and manageability.