Since 2003

Asia  Ertebat Com (AEC) was founded in 2003 based on the experience of its founders in designing and implementing fiber optic telecommunication networks. We are manufacturing fiber optic patch cords and pigtail. We are making components to build and hold your optical infrastructure.

Asia Ertebat Com (AEC)  is proud to be one of the biggest fiber optic companies and distributors  in IRAN, we have been working in the fiber optic network field for over 17 years, also we have been distributing fiber optic equipment  such as Patch Cords, Patch Panels, Pigtails, Fiber Optic Connectors , Adapters , Testers and etc.

  • Today , we are sharing data communication solutions with over 4,000 Customer and projects .
  • In 2004, Asia Ertebat Com  registered the brand called Uninetco , Uninecto develops and focuses on data connection and highest speed passive networks, we are developing to bring 5G network in Iran leading to its availability to the public with highest speed.
  • we also make solutions for data center infrastructure design leading to make it possible for you to transform your legacy central offices into data center and intercurrent your facilities faster, smarter and with zero impact on your customers.
  • We also have fibre optic classes and tests to teach our students more about fibre optic from basic to advanced we also teach them about cleaner kit fibre, different fusion splicers and OTDR machine.
  • we also give our students verified certificates related to what course they have choose and it is worldwide known.
  • We deliver high-value products, solutions and services to help you build your communication system and infrastructure to achieve your objectives.
  • Customer care plays one of the most important roles in our company.